This week we are going to study what the cross of Christ accomplished. As Pastor Trent explained in his sermon on Luke 23:44-56, every verse in the Bible before the cross points forward to the cross, and every verse in the Bible after the cross helps explain the implications of the cross. This study is designed to help us get a glimpse of how this is true. We pray that this study will help you hold fast to your great salvation, we pray that it will help you run the race with perseverance, and we pray that it will help you trust Christ; for He is worthy. 

The format is simple: Read, Meditate, Discuss, Pray. Gather whatever group you’re with (at home or digitally), or use it as a personal devotion and go through these as a time of worship. Let us glorify God and build one another up in love by ministering the Word to each other.

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