LIVE with Pastor Trent & Pastor Micah

June 24, 2020 Update

Gospel City family, 

This week, Pastor Trent & Micah brought us an update about our plans and preparations for resuming in-person gatherings on July 5 in our brand-new worship center. They unpack some of the expectations, guidelines and guiding principles for safety and community going into next weekend. Tune in for details on everything from face coverings, to social distancing, and kids with the adults.

A point of note: We expect that St. Joseph County will extend their mandate for face coverings in public beyond their original July 4 expiration date. Nothing official has been released, but as good citizens, we’re prepared to follow what our local authorities put in place. Regardless of anyone’s personal position on face coverings, we want to communicate that we care for and respect those we will come into contact with over the coming weeks. Pay close attention as they unpack the heart behind all of this.

(Please note: video begins at about 7min. in)