The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry

Resource Review by Various Staff

The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry: How to Stay Emotionally Healthy and Spiritually Alive in the Chaos of the Modern World (By John Mark Comer)

If you are looking for a good read, many of the staff have been diving into “The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry” by John Mark Comer. What we have begun to refer to as “the hurry book” is an easy and compelling read about the assault of our busyness and the distraction it is from our discipleship to Jesus. But the “way of Jesus” helps us “unhurry” our life.

Here’s what a few of our staff members have to say about the book:

Micah Klutinoty

The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry has been both refreshing and challenging to me personally. It makes a compelling case for the spiritual disciplines of silence, solitude, sabbath, and simplicity that were modeled in the way that Jesus lived. If you feel overwhelmed or simply like you live your life in a state of hurry, this book will challenge you on wasted time, and may help you see an easier way to live as you follow Jesus and press in to what matters most.”

Michelle Helmkamp

JMC points out that as Christians we don’t want to emulate the life of hurriedness that permeates our culture, but instead we should seek to live lives that emulate the way Jesus lived. JMC encourages us to ask the question, ‘What would Jesus do if He was me?’  In other words, if Jesus lived in my town and had my job and lived in THIS time in history—what would His life look like? I love that question! It’s a question I want to ask myself daily as I seek to be filled with the Spirit and grow in following the way of Jesus…

The most impactful to me so far has been starting to use ‘Sabbath’ as a verb.  I can tell the difference in my soul on the weekends I have strategically and purposefully ‘Sabbathed’ or STOPPED (the work, the noise, the need to get things done) and when I have just pushed through. JMC gave me a new vision of what a day of rest could be—one filled with delighting in God.” 

Ben Hannah

“While this book reads as easily as a conversation over coffee with a good friend, the impact that it is having on me is immediately profound. I’ve realized that I’ve spent years suffering from various forms of ‘hurry sickness’ and it has negatively affected both my work and my family life.  JMC paints a beautiful picture of the ‘easy yoke’ of Jesus and gives a simple framework for practicing the way of Jesus. This book shows you that the life you actually ache for is really and truly possible.

As a husband & father, as a co-laborer in Christ, and as a small group leader, this book is a rich resource for pointing myself and others to the life that God intended for us to live.”