Do I look more like Christ now than I did last year? Do I love Him with my heart and mind and strength and soul? These are questions every Christian should ask themselves regularly.

Disciples of Jesus are passionate about learning how to live like Jesus. As a disciple-maker at Gospel City, this tool is to equip you in evaluating and understanding where you are on your journey of becoming more like Christ, so that you can live and learn more intentionally over the next few months.

How to use this tool
There are 5 listed spiritual categories of your life: Spiritual Health; Relational Health; Stewardship of my Time, Talent, & Treasure; Stewardship of my Mind & Body; and Living Sent.

  • Review the bulleted questions introspectively as you consider each area of your spiritual life. Resist the urge to simply answer “yes” or “no,” but instead allow them shape your evaluation of the area overall.
  • Then, answer honestly on the right column: What’s bearing fruit?, what am I lacking?, and what are steps to grow?
  • Determine which area of your spiritual life needs the most attention for a season. Describe some steps for growth.
  • Share it with someone! A spouse, small group member, friend, or family member. Invite them to encourage your growth and keep you accountable.
  • After several weeks (maybe 12-14), take the evaluation again, celebrate your growth, and choose a new area to grow in.

We hope this tool will help you take a step closer to becoming more like Christ. Use this with your small group, use this in a mentoring relationship, or use it around your dinner table. You are loved!