Featured Discipleship Tools

Fruit-To-Root Diagram [DOWNLOAD PDF]
The S-O-S Tool “Severity, Ownership, Support” [DOWNLOAD PDF]
The GPS Tool “Group’s Position Spiritually” [DOWNLOAD PDF]
The Four Hearts Tool [DOWNLOAD PDF]
Motives: Why Do I Do The Things That I Do? By Ed Welch [DOWNLOAD PDF]
Put Off / Put On Worksheet By Life Action Ministries [DOWNLOAD PDF]

Featured Resources

The Tech-Wise Family: Everyday Steps for Putting Technology in Its Proper Place (By Andy Crouch)
Michelle Helmkamp—Director of Children’s Ministry at Gospel City Church— has written a review of Andy Crouch’s thought-provoking book on the wise use of technology in today’s families. How is technology negatively effecting our ultimate goal of raising our kids into young adults saturated in the Gospel?