This mission trip is specifically for our men at Gospel City. We are taking a step in living sent and partnering with SEND Relief in Puerto Rico to help rebuild homes, communities and lives that have been devastated through hurricanes, earthquakes and more. You can help someone experience the joy of the Gospel through joining us as we head to Puerto Rico this January.




  • January 16-22, 2021 (6 nights/7 days)
  • January 23-29, 2021 (6 nights/7 days)

Vision: To continue our partnership with SEND Relief and the men of Gospel City to live sent through serving physical needs within a community and local church in Puerto Rico.

Participant Goal: 15 men from Gospel City for each week. 

Total Cost Per Person: $790 (approximate). Includes: Transportation to and from Chicago, Airfare from Chicago, ground transportation, lodging, ministry on ground, and the majority of your meals. 


What will we be doing in Puerto Rico? Our team is planning to help families and local churches in the process of rebuilding. Last year our team was able to rewire homes, remove debris, and install a new roof amongst other projects. Construction experience is not required to go on this trip. 

Where will we be staying? We will be staying in the Ministry Center through SEND Relief. Bring your own sleeping bag or sheets and blanket with towel and pillow toiletries. Bed will be provided. You will be sleeping in close proximity with other volunteers dormitory style.

How do I raise the money for the trip? We have sample support letters that you can modify and send out to your friends, family, co-workers, and church. We also want to help you think sacrificially as you invest in living sent- what things could you give up for a season to help fund this investment? Remember that you are not asking someone to pay for your vacation—you are asking someone to invest in your discipleship and ministry in Puerto Rico. Once our team is solidified you will receive examples of support letters. 

If I fill out this application does that mean I am automatically going to Puerto Rico? The application is our way of gathering interest from those who are able to go to Puerto Rico during this time. We have a limited number of spots available on this trip—so if you are interested I’d encourage you to register now! 

Who are we partnering with in Puerto Rico? We are partnering with Send Relief (SBC) for this trip to Puerto Rico.

What if I have more questions? If you have more questions that need to be answered before you can register, feel free to reach out to Pastor Tyler Holder at He will try his best to answer your questions.