LIVE with Pastor Trent & Pastor Micah

June 10, 2020 Update

Gospel City family, 

This week Pastor Trent & Pastor Micah went LIVE on Facebook, bringing us an update as we prepare to gather in person again. This season of gathering online has been an opportunity for our personal discipleship to continue as God works in each of our hearts.

On Tuesday evening, Redemption City partnered with our local Chickfila and Transformation Ministries to give away sandwich meals to families in our community.

Pastor Trent announced a new series as we head into the final chapters of the Book of Luke called “Lead Me to the Cross”. As followers of Jesus, we are going to dive into the time where Jesus prepared his last moments leading to the cross.

Something special for our online gathering this Sunday—we are going to participate in communion together!

You can prepare now. Grab some bread and juice from your pantry or the store. Or, if you don’t have those items and need to substitute with other things, that’s ok—it’s more about the act of observing the remembrance of Jesus’ body broken and blood spilled for our sin.

Finally, as we prepare our building for on campus gatherings, we are moving quickly with construction, audio, lighting, cameras, and training hosts. We want a space where all aspects of our building proclaim the message of Jesus Christ and draw people’s attention to Him. There are many people already using their gifts and their time to prepare a place for you and prepare a place for people who have never stepped into a church before. We are praying that people will see Jesus and surrender their lives to Him in this place.

You can watch the full video here (please note, the content begins about 10min in):