We are leaning into the practice of Spiritual Disciplines that help us position ourselves for the transforming work of the Spirit.

Women’s May Workshops are some of Gospel City Women’s favorite discipleship resources. We know that May is often a busy month (pandemic or not). To make sure you have plenty of access to these resources, we are making these Workshops available to you all summer! You can either watch them on your own, or get a few friends together to go through the 20-minute sessions, and then chat about what God is teaching you.

We pray that these workshops will equip you with tools to go deeper in your walk with and worship of God. We would also love to know how you have been able to view and engage throughout the summer. Please email Erin if you have any questions about the Workshops or to share any God stories of how He has used them in your life.


Silence, Solitude, and Sabbath

Led by Michelle Helmkamp

What is so valuable about intentionally slowing down? What does it mean to “sabbath”? And how do these practices deepen my walk with God? Join Gospel City’s Children’s Ministry Director and Women’s Leader, Michelle Helmkamp for a look at Silence, Solitude, and Sabbath.  Whatever stage of life you’re in (even those of you surrounded by young kids!), we can all learn from some of these simple ideas on how to retreat to the Secret Place.

Studying the Scripture

Led by Erin Ytterberg

God has given us His Word, living and active, to teach us about Himself and to draw us near. Sometimes lack of confidence in approaching God’s Word is a barrier to opening the Scripture for ourselves. In this workshop local Bible Study Fellowship teacher Erin Ytterberg will be walking you through skills that will excite and equip you in reading, studying and applying God’s Word to your life everyday.

Prayer and Fasting

Led by Jodie Booker

If you are looking to go deeper in your prayer life, or if you consider fasting to be an intimidating concept, this workshop is for you! Through her work with One Cry, and personal experience in the practice of fasting, Jodie Booker is excited to share with you lessons she has learned through prayer and fasting. This practice will draw you into a position that hungers for God.

Simplicity and Stewardship

Led by Erin Harris

If you’ve ever used words like “overwhelmed” or “too busy”, or felt the stress of your complex schedule and responsibilities, this workshop might be just what you need. God has given us everything we need for life and godliness, yet we still feel the urge to overcommit ourselves, consume and collect more than we need, and hoard our possessions. Join the Director of Women’s Discipleship and self proclaimed recovering consumer Erin Harris for a discussion on how we use our time and stuff, and why it matters to God.