Tuesdays, beginning April 19, 7-8:30pm

One of the incredible blessings of being a child of God is the gift of His Spirit, and with that, specific giftings to serve Him and the church. Learning your spiritual giftings is an exciting endeavor—it gives insight into ourselves as individuals. In our Women’s Spring Workshops, we will seek to dive into our unique gifts and learn how they are intended for us to come alongside one another, forming unity within the body of Christ. 

Women’s Spring Workshops are a 4-week format to learn practicals around our personal discipleship. We are so excited to roll up our sleeves and seek a depth of understanding into our individual giftings and calling to serve one another. 


We can’t wait to dive into Spiritual Giftings with you at our Women’s Spring Workshops! If you have time, you have a little “pre-work” to do before April 19th. Don’t worry, it should be fun!

  1. Go to Uniquely You and take this quick Spiritual Gifts Survey (This Survey will filter through 16 possible giftings, and score you on your highest. The survey costs $10) 
  2. Print off your results
  3. Spend some time with one to two of your closest friends and ask them if they affirm the results of your survey. 

Over the next four weeks, we will be learning more about these spiritual giftings and how to use them to glorify Jesus and share Him with others in our community and the Church. 

April 19

Stewarding your spiritual gift in your current season of life and ministry


April 26

Faith, Mercy, Evangelism

Shepherding, Encouraging

May 3

Teaching + Prophecy, Apostle

Hospitality, Giving, Serving

May 10

Discernment, Knowledge, Wisdom

Administration, Leadership