Church Directory for Members 

Just launched! Members of Gospel City Church will be emailed an invitation to join our directory in the Church Center mobile app, and on the web. You can search the directory by names, by family, or scroll to scan faces of those who’ve provided photos.

When you join the directory, only the information you choose will be shared. Members’ personal information is always private until they choose to share it.

So how do I get set up? After you accept your email invitation, you’ll be able to choose exactly what personal and household information you would like to share. You can also always go back and change your privacy preferences for your contact and household information.

If you are a current member, but don’t believe you received a directory invite, please contact Ben Hannah

As more and more members accept the invite and share info, the more complete the directory will become. So… if you’re one of the first few in the door, don’t be surprised by the small number of members. 

*What if I’m not a member? We apologize, but we are only allowing current members of Gospel City Church to have access to our church directory database. If you would like to know more about becoming a member of Gospel City, please contact pastor Tyler Downing