Core Scripture Class

The goal of this class is to help disciples better understand how every part of Scripture reveals the glory of Jesus. The Bible is not a bunch of separate stories strung together, but all ONE story about Jesus. Classes will be held from 4-6pm on Sundays, beginning September 11, 2024 and will run for 11-weeks. There will be a cost for textbook/materials. Participation in this class requires approximately 2-3 hours of homework per week—reading and journaling.

Registration for Fall 2024 will open mid-summer.

Please note: Textbooks will be required for purchase separately from your registration, and are available for purchase in the lobby.

The Purpose Of Core Classes

In an increasingly post-Christian world, the church body needs to know first-hand the sacred text that is the Bible. Core Classes will help you deepen your understanding of Scriptures and doctrine, and how to apply them practically to your everyday life. Core Classes are now a consistent rhythm of our church (offered in Fall and Winter/Spring semesters). Currently, our Core series includes a Scripture class and a Doctrine class.

What is Core Scripture?

The Bible is full of epic stories about kings and queens, armies and nations, giants and demons, miracles and prophecies. As Christians it is easy to be familiar with these stories without understanding how they all come together to tell one story about Jesus. The purpose of this class is to study the story of Scripture so that we can see how it all fits together to proclaim the glory of Christ from beginning to end. Doing this will help us become better readers of the Bible, it will help us marvel at the story God is writing, and it will help us love the One the story is about. Whether you have never read the Bible before, or you have been reading it for decades, come join us as we behold the glory of Jesus together.

What to Expect

Each week, participants will be expected to complete prep-work before attending class—including scripture reading, approximately 20-30 pages of textbook reading, and journaling through some questions about what you read. During each weekly class, there will be discussion of your prep-work within table groups, a teaching on a specific biblical narrative, worship, applicational discussion, and prayer.

Reading, writing in your own words, discussing, hearing and doing, even singing—we all learn in different ways. We’re going to sample all of these learning styles on a weekly basis in the hopes that you will not only retain information, but transform your heart, mind, and practices. 

The content of this class is designed to be challenging to adults. However, we believe it is also accessible to high-school-aged students.

DISCLAIMER: We do ask that you consider whether you are able to commit to a full semester-long class BEFORE you register. We offer Core Classes every Fall and Spring. So, if now is not the best time time for this extra commitment, please consider waiting until a future semester. 

Adult Textbooks

  • The Bible (we highly recommend an ESV Study Bible)
  • Christ From Beginning To End — available for purchase in the lobby for $15 each (a 40% discount from retail price).

…“These are my words that I spoke to you while I was still with you, that everything written about me in the Law of Moses and the Prophets and the Psalms must be fulfilled.” Then he opened their minds to understand the Scriptures…

Luke 24:44-45


Weekly Content

01. Core Scripture Overview
02. Creation
03. The Fall
04. Noah
05. Abraham
06. Moses
07. David
08. The Prophets
09. The Gospels
10. Acts & the Epistles
11. Revelation

Class Structure

  • Group Discussion & Application (with your table group)
  • Lecture + Q&A (led by a teaching team)

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.

John 1:14

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm participating with a spouse—do we each need a textbook?

That will be completely up to you and your specific needs. If you are the type who likes to highlight or make notes/underlines as you read, you may wish to have your own copy.

What if I can't make it to all of the classes?

We understand that you may miss a class or two for various life-and-season reasons. We will do our best to supply you with any notes you may have missed from our lectures. And—we’d highly encourage you to dialog with a friend that week over what you studied, since you will have missed your group discussion time.

That said, if you are looking over your calendar and realize you are likely to miss a fair amount of classes, then maybe this semester isn’t the BEST time for you to take a class. Consider waiting until a future semester when you have a greater likelihood of full participation. You’ll be better for it.

What makes classes different from a small group or bible study?

Classes are primarily an independent, topical study (biblical theology and systematic theology), with the chief purpose of education and increasing your personal discipleship. Classes are for a set period of time (11 weeks), while groups tend to have a more ongoing nature. 

At Gospel City, our small groups have a primary purpose of biblical community—caring for each other, holding each other accountable, and living out the “one another’s” of Scripture. Typically, small groups are not focused on learning outcomes like a class would be.

Classes and groups are not meant to be a substitute for one another, but rather are designed to come alongside one another in a complimentary way. Classes are committed to advancing biblical education, and groups are committed to advancing biblical community.

Can I take this class with my small group?

While registering, you are able to name up to two other people you’d like to be seated with for discussion and we will do our best to accommodate those requests. However, we believe that Core classes are a great space for you to meet people who are potentially outside of your current circles. We’ve heard many great testimonies of new gospel friendships that were forged by participating in this class and meeting someone new.

Can I take this online/virtually?

Our Core Classes are designed to be taken in-person only.

What if I've already take a Core Class?

We’re thrilled that you’ve already made the commitment to your spiritual maturation. One of the best ways to employ what you’ve learned and further put it into practice is to TEACH it to someone else. Consider taking the class again as a table facilitator for the adults, or by jumping into a Kids Core Class (returning in 2024) and helping us teach the next generation.

What is next after Core Classes?

While challenging, these Core Classes are only scratching the surface of the deep riches that God has revealed in His Word. Both the Core Scripture and Core Doctrine classes are quick overviews of biblical and systematic theology, and we could easily spend well over 11 weeks on any one single topic addressed in those classes.

That said, we are also launching a one-year program—Academy—that is available to church members who have completed both Core Scripture & Core Doctrine classes. Academy is designed to be a more intensive and rigorous program than our Core Classes. They will be a limited class size, and you will need to apply (vs register) to participate.

In the meantime, reference the bonus resources in the appendixes of your Core workbooks for recommended reading on specific subjects to go deeper on your own.