Our Staff Core Values

As a staff, we adhere to and hold each other accountable to these 7 Core Values

We AUTHENTICATE the message we preach

  • We believe and preach the gospel to ourselves first
  • We model our message with humility
  • We are maturing disciples of Jesus
  • We confess and repent when we blow it

We MAXIMIZE the greatness in people

  • Be a multiplier, not a diminisher
  • Call out the genius in others
  • We believe the best of others
  • We expect the best work of others

We COLLABORATE as a diverse team

  • Do what you were made for
  • We are all incompetent at most things
  • Embrace your dependency
  • We value the complementary gifts of others
  • We don’t work in silos  

We SIMPLIFY for focused alignment

  • Less is more  
  • Know the why before the how
  • Dehassle and wow

We COMMUNICATE with clarity

  • Define the win
  • Display the scoreboard
  • We give and we receive feedback
  • Fully assertive yet fully collaborative

We ADAPT in pursuit of excellence

  • Hold it loosely
  • Make it better
  • Stop what you would not start
  • Don’t stop dreaming of what could be

We REPLICATE for broader influence

  • Give it away
  • Be a talent magnet
  • Reproduce yourself