James Klein

Property and Systems Manager

(574) 273-0007


How I came into relationship with Jesus Christ After growing up in the church and being immersed in the “Christian life” I realized that I had never completely surrendered all of me to all of Him. I constantly doubted my salvation and lived in worry of my eternity. It wasn’t until my mid 20’s that God broke me and opened my eyes to what true surrender looked like and I gave up my life to Him.

How I came to Gospel City Church I served with Life Action Ministries for nine years. Four of those years, I traveled with the Griffith family. When God called them to Gospel City….I came too!

What I do at Gospel City Church Director of Production. Overseeing the audio/visual ministry of Harvest as well as video production.

Why I do what I do People are starving for the Word of God. The very thing they need for a life-changing encounter with God is what many modern churches seem so reluctant to give them. I wanted to build a church where God would be pleased to show his glory because we are intentional about doing the things he promises to bless. I need that kind of encounter every time I go to church. I want everyone, whether they have been to church all there lives, or are coming for the first time to know that God has not given up on His church!

At Gospel City since 2009

On staff since March 2013

Previous work Life Action Ministries

Favorite verse Hebrews 12:1-2

Married to
 Jessie Klein


What I Do For Fun Spending time with friends.