Kids Reopening Details

September 4, 2020 Update

Gospel City parents, 

Gospel City Kids is finally reopening on Sunday, September 13!

It has always been the goal of Gospel City Kids to provide a safe environment where your kids can come to learn about God and grow to love Him.  Now more than ever we are committed to that goal.

Much like you returned to a brand-new worship center in July, your kids will be entering a relatively new kids wing. There are new rooms, new check-in and new entry. There are also a few new procedures that you need to be aware of before you join us next week. Check out this short, information video:

You Must Pre-Register

  • You must register by Noon on the Friday before each weekend to reserve a spot.
  • Visit to RSVP
  • We are limiting the number of kids per classroom. So for a time, we will be requiring families to register their children for class earlier in the week. This will help us ensure that we have the right number of volunteers.
  • This is a brand-new registration process. However, we have already created accounts for as many of you as we can. So, when asked to login, please use the email or phone number you have given us previously. This will hopefully pre-fill your household information.

New Check-in & Entry

  • All persons entering the kids wing must have a tag.
  • There are several Check-In attendants who are available to help you print off your tags.
  • If you lose your tag, an attendant can reprint one for you.
  • For the safety and security of the children and volunteers, there is now only one entry point into the kids wing. The glass doors in the front lobby are now the only way into the kids wing.
  • There is no longer an exterior entry door directly into the kids wing. Use the main doors.

Parent Alert System

If we need to alert a parent during the service, we have two ways of contacting you.

  • First, we will attempt to reach you with a text message.
  • If necessary, we will place your family’s security number in the corner of the screens in the worship center.
  • Please come to the kids wing entrance and an attendant will assist you.

New Rooms & Flow

  • There are several new rooms, and many previous rooms have been re-assigned.
  • You can familiarize yourself with your child’s new rooms with this map:

New Health Policy

Please stay home if you, your child, or a household member:
  • Had a fever in the last 72 hours
  • Experienced shortness of breath, chills, cough, diarrhea, sore throat, or vomiting in the last 72 hours
  • Experienced a new loss of sense of taste or smell

We will continue to provide online resources for those who are at home.

COVID-19 Related Procedures

  • We have a set limit on the number of children per classroom.
  • In pre-school, kids will be divided between table and floor activities.
  • In elementary, kid will be divided by class in more of a small group model.
  • Seating has been placed further apart.
  • Kids will not travel to the playground, nor use public water fountains.
  • Each class will have their own set of toys for each service, and will be sanitized before they are used again.
  • Face coverings will follow the current standards that we have set as a whole church (in other words, currently—all staff and volunteers will be wearing face coverings.) It will be up to each family as to whether or not their children will wear a face covering. See church-wide guidelines here.

Thank you parents for working with us to help us keep your kids safe and healthy. Blessings on your family!
—Michelle Helmkamp, Michele Wilson, and Bethany Cowles