April 24, 2020 Update

Last week we announced that we were going to send a Congregational Video Update on Monday, April 27. But, we had so much fun on Wednesday night sharing updates on Facebook live, that we had a new thought—let’s give LIVE AT 5 a try for the next few weeks!

During this season, we really want to make sure that we are communicating what we know (and what we don’t know). We’re all in this together. Since February of last year, we’ve enjoyed providing quarterly Congregational meetings that provided an environment for open conversation around the many internal facets of our church. We LOVE having Q&A with elders, pastors, staff, finance committee, and the dialogue these meetings have provided. We simply don’t have the time on Sunday mornings to communicate everything, and these have been great “channels” to pull back the curtain and talk.

So, will you join us for the next few weeks? If you can’t make it LIVE at 5 on Wednesday nights, that’s ok. We’ll send you each week’s video in the Gazette, and we’ll post them here on our Updates page as well. You’ll have archive access. Each week we’ll aim for a concise, warm place to get a feel and pulse on what’s going on with your church. This will allow us to:

  • Talk with you and answer your questions (join us in the comments!)
  • Share with you where God is on the move and how you are joining Him
  • Provide updates on giving, spending, planning and actions related to day-to-day operations, church-planting, construction, missions
  • Allow you to hear from the elders, pastors, ministry leaders, and finance committee
  • And have some fun with you, too!

Despite COVID-19 we are still who we always were: a gospel-centered, grace and truth, Bible-centered church bent on glorifying God and making disciples who make disciples! Amen!

Join us on Facebook LIVE on Wednesday, April 29