Coronavirus Information

March 11, 2020 Update

Gospel City family, 

As concerns surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) are rightfully rising, we wanted to let you know how Gospel City is responding. 

Our staff and elders are carefully monitoring the situation, considering all recommendations from government officials, and we will continue to provide updates if needed. We are very blessed to have doctors and other qualified authorities close to the situation within our congregation. 

We still plan to gather together for our regular weekend and weekday gatherings. As always, we are committed to doing whatever we can to provide a safe environment to welcome you and your family. 

Gospel City Kids:

In this season, after each kids gathering we are taking added precaution by wiping down all surfaces and sterilizing all toys before being added back into circulation. We will continue to follow our standard health protocols, not admitting any child with an elevated temperature (above 99.6º F). A child must also be fever free for 48 hours before returning to Gospel City Kids. You can help by closely monitoring children for any symptoms.

Worship Gathering:

For the time being, we will refrain from asking people to stand and shake hands in our worship services. Remember, we are a city within a city and we love one another, so perhaps we can greet each other with holy fist bumps or a smile and wave.

As always, we encourage you to consider what is best for you and your family regarding any gathering at our church. If you are feeling under the weather or running a fever, the best way that you can love your neighbor is by staying home! If you want more information about what to do if you think you might have coronavirus, see this helpful article: What to Do If You Think You Have COVID-19.

If you do decide that it’s best to stay home for whatever reason, we will continue to stream all of our worship services to and

While most of what we’re recommending here concerns the practical, we want you to be equipped to handle this situation spiritually, too. Pastor Nathan Scroggins has written a helpful article entitled Overcoming the Power of Fear with Faith. Also, helpful for leading your thoughts and anchoring your mind in truth are these articles by The Gospel Coalition.

Please join us in praying for the church, both here in the United States and around the world, that we would be a city on a hill and powerful testimony to the gospel in the midst of this present challenge. 

You are loved,
—Gospel City Church staff, pastors, and elders