Reopening Groups

May 8, 2020 Update

As of May 4, Indiana has allowed for groups of up to 25 to meet with social distancing, with group sizes of 100 looking likely by May 24. Gospel City Groups are now able to begin pursuing meeting together as small physical gatherings. Please note: Michigan has a “Stay Home” order until May 28, and is expected to have new guidelines by the end of May. 


  1. Small groups may resume meeting in person if they choose.
  2. Keep informed of your various group members’ local restrictions (city, county, state) and potential health conditions (high risk categories, exposure, etc).
  3. Respect those who may not be comfortable meeting in person yet and consider how you could include them via Zoom (or other audio/video chat).


  • Consider that not everyone in your group may agree on timing or location, and that is ok. Be respectful of one another. Seek to unify. Everyone will re-integrate differently. 
  • If meeting in your home, take additional measures to provide cleanliness, such as hand sanitizer, disposable towels and hand soap.
  • If meeting in an enclosed public space, such as a restaurant, be respectful of their own restrictions (they may require different distancing, group size, and face coverings for their own safety). It may be good to call ahead.
  • We desire to be good citizens, and good neighbors. If hosting a large group in/at your home would reflect poorly to your neighbors, consider meeting digitally or offsite elsewhere for a time.
  • Consider meeting in an outdoor public space, while maintaining proper group size and distancing.
  • Each group member should consider who they have been around throughout the week, prior to meeting, to avoid potentially exposing their group (ie. healthcare and other frontline workers)