Updates from the Elders

As elders, we want to keep you informed on the transition we’re in. In addition to nearly weekly updates on Sunday mornings, we will plan to do Q&A times here and there, share updates in the Gazette, as well as Elder updates on this page.

In an effort to care for the body in this time, we welcome your questions and perspective. In addition to talking to any of our elders, pastors, and staff as you have opportunity, feel free to email us at info@mygospelcity.org.

(Most recent updates appear first)

October 15, 2021

(Elder Q&A Follow-up) On Sunday evening, October 10, we held a Q&A for anyone in the congregation who had questions regarding the transition. There were about 28 people in attendance, which was encouraging to us, assuming the majority are feeling communicated to or that there are not many lingering questions.

Equally as encouraging were the few questions, comments, and conversations that came from those in attendance. It’s really our desire as elders at Gospel City to shepherd the flock of God that He has brought here, and we believe this small Q&A session opened up more opportunities to do that.

Some of the questions and answers that were communicated on Sunday evening were: 

Q1: What will happen on January 1st, once Pastor Trent has moved on? 

A1: We do not feel the pressure to fill Pastor Trent’s specific role as of January 1st. As a church, we will continue to preach verse by verse through the book of Acts with the plurality of preachers that God has blessed us with. 

Q2: Will there be a search committee for a new Sr. Pastor, and would there be opportunity for those in the congregation to offer their perspective? 

A2: Ultimately, the elders will be the “search committee,” however, nothing will be done in isolation. We are so thankful for your perspectives and our staff’s perspectives. As elders, we want to be available to talk and hear things the Lord has laid on your heart as it pertains to our church and the leadership that ultimately God raises up. We would encourage and invite you to communicate with an elder, an elder’s wife, or any staff member as you feel led. 

Q3: What are your next steps as the transition process unfolds? 

A3: We are waiting on the Lord and fervently seeking Him in prayer, believing firmly that He knows exactly what we need when we need it. Practically, we’ve been diligently listening to staff members to gain their perspectives and discern the specific gifts that we already have. Beyond that, we are assessing the kind of leadership need and structure that Gospel City needs going forward. As the Lord begins to bring clarity to the “what,” we will start focusing on the “who” by creating job descriptions and opening up the hiring process.

Steps going forward include:

  1. Training/teaching the body on plurality.
  2. Engaging the network for best practices — Dave Harvey, Great Commission Collective Leaders, etc…
  3. Determining exact job descriptions and necessary hires.

Q4: Who will handle all of Pastor Trent’s “behind the scenes” responsibilities concerning leading the church?

A4: Thankfully our church has been functioning for a long season in a collaborative nature, maximizing the gifts of many and not just one. Because of the plurality of gifts that the elders have employed over the years, it has allowed Pastor Trent to be laser focused on faithfully preaching the Word. Ministry strategy, direction, and congregational care is ultimately a responsibility of the elders as a whole, the Senior Leadership Team, and our incredibly capable staff of pastors and directors.

Gospel City will continue to be a place marked by bold Bible preaching, unashamed adoration, fervent prayer, and disciples who live sent. We will also continue to be a family, where the Body is equipped to serve one another, and meet one another’s needs in discipleship! 

We are excited as we’re in this season of prayerfully working through our by-laws and governance structure. We believe God’s method of governance is best, and are reaping the blessings of it in transition, as well as honing it biblically for the future! 

Thank you for praying and waiting on the Lord with us. We will continue to communicate with clarity, which will sometimes feel repetitive, but know that it’s because we truly love you and want you to be informed every step of the way.

—You are loved! 

September 24, 2021

(Financial Support Update) The elder team has decided that Gospel City Church will be providing support to the Griffiths at $1,000/mo for 36 months. If you have an interest in personally partnering with the Griffiths, please contact Pastor Trent or Andrea.

August 9, 2021

(Original Announcement) With much prayer and insight from wise counsel, Pastor Trent Griffith will be transitioning away from Gospel City Church over the remainder of 2021. Trent has accepted a call to serve as the Vice President for Content Development at FamilyLife. He and his wife Andrea will be relocating to Orlando, Florida likely in early 2022.

The Griffith family has been such a blessing to us and we know to many of you as well. Join us in praying for them and encouraging them over the coming weeks and months as God prepares them for this next place of ministry.

You can watch the full announcement video here, which includes Trent & Andrea telling their journey, as well as encouragement and guidance from your elders: Leadership Announcement Video

Encouragement From Our Elders

In the coming days, we know there will be many different emotions, questions, and thoughts about what you’ve heard. Our elders want to remind you that that’s good. Here are a few ways you can process:

  • Join Us In Praying For The Future.The elders and pastors want you to know that we are committed to being on our knees seeking the Lord’s face and guidance throughout the coming months. We would ask that you join us in praying.
  • Remember Who Is In Control. The one constant is God is on His throne. He is sovereign. He is good. He is worthy yesterday and today, and He will be worthy tomorrow.
  • Remember That This is Jesus’ Church, Not Ours. The Church is His Bride. He is building His Church. He will continue to build His church until the day He returns.
  • Feel Deeply. It’s ok to grieve, hurt, laugh, cry, remember. Change is hard, but change is also good.
  • Celebrate God’s Goodness. Don’t miss the rich blessings that God has lavished on us. The mission for both the Griffiths and for Gospel City is unchanged. We are still committed to making disciples for the glory of God.
  • Outdo One Another In Showing Honor. As the Spirit leads, show honor to one another, to the Griffiths, to the pastors, leaders, and staff.
  • Abide. Stay connected to the the vine—Jesus—and each other. Remain. Dwell. Don’t run away.

What’s Next?


Decision Making and Communication
The short answer is: We don’t know exactly what is next, but we do know WHO is in control. It is the Lord. We will take some time to pray, talk and think about the particular needs and opportunities of Gospel City Church. The elders will be sharing frequent updates with where we are. We will not do this transition perfectly, but we will aim to be faithful, biblical, pastoral, and missional. We will aim to communicate with clarity and be open with you. You’ll hear from us regularly through places like Sunday mornings, the Gazette, through your small groups, and more. Pray for us as we pray with you.

Pastor Trent is now our Lead Pastor for Preaching. He will preach 1-2 times a month, as well as steward the pulpit and lead our preaching team. In addition to Trent, our pastors will fill the pulpit and preach as well. Praise the Lord, we have excellent preachers!

This is a great time to be in a small group! Also, if you want to be around your pastors and elders every single week, come be a part of the Core Classes which will be taught by elders and pastors. It will be a time for loving God more together.

Honoring the Griffiths


If you’ve been blessed by the Griffiths, don’t wait until the last minute to share your appreciation with them. Reach out to them as you see them on a Sunday, or send them an email: Email Trent | Email Andrea. If you’d like to learn more about how you can partner with them on their new journey, there will be a partnership gathering on Monday, October 18, or learn more here


Our Resolutions

01. We resolve that the Gospel is going to get in, and the Gospel is going to get out.

02. We resolve that, no matter what, God is going to be glorified in this season.

03. We resolve that, no matter what, disciples will be made.

04. We resolve to live the “one another’s” of Scripture.

05. We resolve to keep our humor.