Project Costs + Giving

• $7.82 Million — Total Facility Expansion Project Costs
• $6.85 Million  — Total Costs Paid through Gifts + Pledge Fulfillments
• $963,000 —  Outstanding Construction Loan (as of Nov 2020)
• $1.1 Million —  Outstanding Pledges to be Fulfilled

$963,000 Goal

Assuming that all currently pledged gifts are fulfilled as promised, the remaining construction loan will be paid. However, the sooner the loan is paid, the less interest we will incur.

Gospel City Church has been miraculously placed in this little cornfield in Northern Indiana by God to feed the spiritual hunger in this community. Do we really understand how absolutely vital our church is to our community? What would happen in our community if our church ceased to exist? How would the hungry get fed?

This church is a miracle. From its beginnings, disciples have given generously to build a church where spiritually hungry people get fed. Are you part of the miracle? Is it time for you to take another step in your generosity? If you have found Gospel City Church to be a trusted place of spiritual nourishment, join us in placing what you have in Jesus’s hands so others can be fed.

Come, be a part of the miracle. There’s more awaiting us. 


Much time has been, and will continue to be, devoted to seeking the Lord’s will for Gospel City Church in prayer. We ask that you join us as we continually run to God’s throne, asking that:

  • we would not be one step ahead or behind God’s plan
  • we would be compelled by the responsibility of the Great Commission
  • we would have a supernatural joy, unity, and generosity
  • we would see the miraculous provision of God
  • we would give God all of the glory


This is so much more than just a building campaign. We are praying that this space will be a house for more people in our city to meet Jesus, a place where we ascribe to Him the glory due His name, and where His glory changes our lives.⁣

Are you part of the miracle? Jesus is not limited by what we have. Jesus will multiply what we have when we place it in His hands.

  • If you’re would like to join us in the Made For More ministry expansion, would you prayerfully consider what the Lord would have you give? You can give an immediate gift or make a pledge commitment and break it up into monthly gifts.
  • If you were part of the original group that gave, THANK YOU! Would you simply communicate your remaining pledge commitment? And, if the Lord has called you, would you consider another one-time gift or an increase to your remaining pledge?


ONLINE: To make an Immediate Gift Payment towards the ministry expansion project, please choose “Made For More Immediate Gift” as your giving designation. To indicate your monthly or yearly commitment, please indicate that with “Pledge fulfillment Made 4 More”.

CASH + CHECKS: Mail to Gospel City Church, 52277 Hickory Road, Granger, IN 46530 [Please indicate that your gift is for the Made For More Project]

DONATE STOCKS: Gifts of stock/assets may be donated to Gospel City Church by contacting Korhorn Financial.

VIEW OR UPDATE MY GIFT: To view your history or update your pledge commitment, sign in to and navigate to the “GIVE” tab.