September 20, 2019 UPDATE
The steel for the new worship center is going up! As you can see, the existing worship center and the new one have just been connected. This is super exciting. You’ll be able to see the new worship center and entrances begin taking shape over these next few weeks. Also on the back of the building, the retaining walls were poured in preparation for the new stairs and ramps that will connect the parking lot to the one of the new entrances.


September 13, 2019 UPDATE
Now that the office wing is officially opened, we’re entering Phase 2 of the Made For More facility expansion! This week, you can begin to see the new Worship Center take shape. In fact, a wall has been erected as provisions for the new bathrooms begin. Also, we’re happy to report that the sidewalk connecting the new parking lot to the kids entrance has finally been completed! 


August 30, 2019 UPDATE
We’ve officially moved in to the new staff offices! The inspection was Monday, and staff began migrating on Wednesday. AND—we didn’t waste a second. On Wednesday evening, our Women’s discipleship leaders held a training in the new classroom, and on Thursday evening, the new Perspectives class met there as well. In fact, Perspectives was so popular, we ran out of space! We are praising the Lord for the completion of the new office wing. Next, we’ll start preparing the former offices on the main floor for more Children’s Discipleship. 

August 23, 2019 UPDATE
When you arrive at church this week, things are definitely going to look different! The demolition of the north end is complete. We’re now officially ready to get working on the new worship center! We’re really going to get moving fast now.

August 16, 2019 UPDATE
We’re hopefully only about a week away from occupancy of the new office wing! Office furniture was installed this week, inside the offices, as well as the interior open workspace. Also, the beautiful new reception desk was built. The entrance to the weekday offices will be so welcoming to our guests. This week will be all about the detail—making sure everything is in place, functional, and up to code. Would you be in prayer that all of the final inspections go well, so that we’re able to occupy and use this space as soon as possible?

Starting this weekend, there is a New Main Door (located in between the children’s entrance and the former main entrance). This is exciting, because it means we’re ready to begin demolition of the north side of the building next week, in preparation for the new Worship Center, new lobby and 2 new, larger vestibules! Say goodbye to that old stained roof! We’ve already begun pouring the concrete footings for the new Worship Center.

You may be wondering what that means for the bathrooms near the worship center. While new bathrooms are being constructed (anticipated occupancy is November), we’ve added some temporary executive bathrooms outside the new entrance. They are air conditioned and beautiful.  …honestly, they’re nicer than the ones we’re replacing!

So, as you gather with us for worship this weekend through the new entrance, would you praise the Lord with us for His continued faithfulness throughout this facility expansion project. There’s more awaiting us!

August 9, 2019 UPDATE
A lot has progressed on the exterior this past week. All of the curbs were poured for the landscaped islands in the new parking lot. Also, the upper portion of the walking path from the parking to Children’s entrance was paved this week, with the second half scheduled to be paved next week! We tied into water main for fire suppression in the new office wing. You will notice when you arrive this weekend that we’ve begun the prep work for new temporary front entry. The current main entry will be closed by the weekend of Sunday, August 18 to begin demolition for the new worship center (more on that next week).

August 2, 2019 UPDATE
Continuing the “finishing touches” on the office wing interior this week, we made some major progress with the lighting and cabinetry installation. This shared workroom is going to be a huge blessing! The bathrooms are closer to completion as the stalls were hung, and toilets, sinks and fixtures were installed. We’re really excited for you to see the large classroom that will soon be available. During the workweek, this will be a space for large team meetings, but will be available for adult discipleship classes during evenings and weekends!

On the exterior, new sidewalks were poured along the office wing! This puts us one step closer to a completed parking and walkway area in the back. And, as you can see by the final photo, some major sitework and excavation was completed in preparation for the new Worship Center. Within the next few weeks, we’ll begin demolition and preparation for the brand new Worship Center.  

JULY 26, 2019 UPDATE
We’re now in the “finishing touches” stage of the office wing, as we near our move-in date. This week saw the installation of carpeting in the primary work area, cabinetry in shared workroom, cabinetry in the kitchen area, glass on the individual offices, stalls in the bathrooms, and more lighting. The final coat of paint is going on the walls, and we should be getting set to move in furniture. On the exterior, sitework began in preparation for Phase 2—the new Worship Center! 

JULY 19, 2019 UPDATE
There has been a lot of progress on the interior this week. The exposed areas of concrete were polished and sealed, carpet install began in the offices, and tile work was completed in the bathrooms. The framework for the office glass was installed, and cabinetry in the shared workroom began. Also, the drop-ceiling and lighting install is nearly complete. Finishing touches will continue, as we near our move-in in the next 4 weeks. 

At the Congregational Meeting, Pastor Trent and Finance Committee Member, John Marshall, gave an update as to where we are with funding for the facility expansion, as well as the new project timeline and construction phases. We’re excited to announce, we will be starting the construction of the new Worship Center in the next few weeks!

JULY 12, 2019 UPDATE
We’ve got more parking space! This week, the gravel portion of our new parking lot became useable, and a gravel walking path to/from it was created to left of the children’s entrance. On the interior, electrical work continued. Also, the finishing work for the polished concrete is nearly complete. The concrete is being ground and final polishing will take place next week.

This week, final grading for the new parking lot continued, and the laying of gravel began there as well as on the new access road  It’s not too long before the parking lot becomes useable on Sunday mornings! Inside, the concrete stairwells were poured, and the concrete floor was prepared for sealing. Drop-ceiling framework and lighting panels are beginning to be installed. 

JUNE 28, 2019 UPDATE
On Sunday at our Fresh Encounter, we spent time covering the new office space in prayer, worship, and scriptures. Would you join us in praying over the ministry that will begin to take place here, and for Christ to be exalted over everything! 

Later in the week, the walls and ceiling were painted and the exterior glass doors were hung. Out in the new parking area, more excavation and grading was needed before we can begin with the gravel and asphalt. But, you can really begin to what a blessing this new parking area will be to Sunday mornings! 

JUNE 21, 2019 UPDATE
Praise the Lord! The rain held off enough this week for crews to be able to excavate and prepare for our new southern access road to the new parking lot, as well as expand the retention pond area. As of now, the new parking lot is at grade and gravel is expected to be spread on Monday, June 24. Light posts for the parking lot are being assembled as well. On the interior, the drywall finishing in the new office wing has wrapped up and painting should begin on Monday as well. 

JUNE 14, 2019 UPDATE
In just a couple of weeks since our last update, much progress has been made! The drywall finishing is underway, and you can begin to see the offices take shape. Also, the exterior windows have gone in as well. We’re praying for good (read: not wet) weather over these next few weeks, as the rain has been causing some scheduling delays for our construction crews.

MAY 30, 2019 UPDATE
We are currently about a year-and-a-half into our three-year facility expansion project (launched March 2018). While some of the facility concepts you will see below have been modified a bit since we first launched the project, our vision remains the same: more room for more disciple-making. Right now, we’re nearing the completion of the office wing on the back of the existing worship center. Our projected occupancy of those offices is August 2019. Once the staff migrates into the new office wing, the offices in the main building will be converted into more classrooms for Children’s Ministry and other Sunday discipleship opportunities.

Made to Glorify

We were made to glorify God. The chief aim of the Christian life is to bring glory to the creator of all things. Through pure, unashamed adoration we lift high the name of Jesus, for to Him belongs the highest praise, the honor, and all glory. As we gaze on the beauty of Christ, we quickly see that there is none like Him in all the earth. It’s this beauty that compels us to look to Him, ascribe worth to Him, and tell others about Him. We glorify God by making disciples.

Made to Gather

We were made to gather as the body of Christ. Every week, we passionately cry out to God in worship, we open our Bibles to receive His truth, and we find all things in common with sinners saved by grace. Our Sunday gatherings keep growing! More and more families are making Gospel City their home! The joy of our corporate gathering is contagious to a community in need of a Savior.

Made to Grow

We were made to become more and more like Jesus. Growing closer to Christ and growing closer to each other honors Him. This is what it means to be a disciple. We use our spiritual gifts to minister to each other—working the gospel deep into our hearts and homes. This takes place when the Scriptures are opened, when lives are also opened to one another, and simple prayer is happening. At Gospel City Church we are intentional to keep this kind of disciple-making growing and maturing.

Made to Go

We were made to share the Good News of Jesus with boldness. Increasingly and with greater effectiveness we intend to penetrate the darkness of Michiana with the hope of Christ. This will require each of us being more missional in our neighborhoods, schools, and workplaces. It will mean starting new campuses and churches in Michiana. But to fulfill our mission of glorifying God through the fulfillment of the Great Commission, many of us will need to leave Gospel City Church and be sent to other cities and countries. We are a sending church—locally and globally. We will maximize our facilities to equip this missionary-mindedness.



Much time has been, and will continue to be, devoted to seeking the Lord’s will for Gospel City Church in prayer. We ask that you join us as we continually run to God’s throne, asking that:

  • we would not be one step ahead or behind God’s plan
  • we would be compelled by the responsibility of the Great Commission
  • we would have a supernatural joy, unity, and generosity
  • we would see the supernatural provision of God
  • we would give God all of the glory


In order for our church to be fully invested in increasing the Kingdom of Heaven, each of us must be personally committed to maturing in our faith. Over these next 3 years, would you commit to deepening your relationship with Christ and His body:

  • GLORIFY God by spending personal time in the Word each day
  • GATHER by consistently attending weekend worship each week
  • GROW by participating in a small group each week
  • GO by using your God-given spiritual gifts to minister to your church and your community



  • 32,000 square feet
  • 600 seat worship center
  • 13 offices & 24 employees
  • 13,000 square feet in children’s wing
  • 1,495 square feet in multipurpose areas
  • 283 parking spaces

New Construction

  • 21,912 square feet total new construction, including:
  • 13,587 square feet new worship center
  • 280 additional parking spaces
  • 8,325 square feet office area
  • New high-capacity restrooms in main lobby


  • 13,000 square feet lobby/multipurpose Space
  • 5,300 square feet in children’s ministry space
  • 1,510 square feet lofted meeting space


  • 13,587 square feet total
  • 1,100 approximate seating capacity, including 650 floor & 450 raised seating
  • Flexibility for hosted conferences and training
  • Updated AV systems
  • Increased storage capacity
  • Hospitality space for worship and welcome teams


  • Larger capacity lobby area (for fellowship and better traffic flow)
  • New, high-capacity restrooms in main lobby area
  • 300-seat multipurpose discipleship space (for youth, classes, training, etc.)
  • Added Children’s Ministry Space (providing approximately 5 more classrooms)
  • Lofted Meeting Space (for small groups, recreation space, youth, etc.)


  • 8,321 Square feet of staff office area, including
  • 18 Offices and 12 cubicles
  • Conference room (Planning, elders, board meetings, family counseling space)
  • Biblical Soul Care and counseling space
  • Production studio
  • Workroom, storage, bathrooms, and break area
  • Production studio



TOTAL COST: $6,255,000
New Construction: $4,921,000
Renovation of Existing Space: $1,134,000
Additional Parking: $200,000

CASH ON-HAND: $964,000
General Fund: $705,000
Building Fund: $259,000

GIFTS NEEDED: $5,291,000
Immediate Gifts Necessary: $2,177,000
3-Year Pledges Necessary: $3,114,000


March 4, 2018
Commitment Sunday

March 11, 2018
Celebration Sunday

June 2018
Earliest Possible Construction Start Date

June 2019
Earliest Occupancy of New  Offices

August 2019
Earliest Occupancy of Renovated Office Space for Children’s Ministry

Construction & Occupancy of New Worship Center



Vision Meeting

If you were unable to attend one of our Vision Meetings, you can view a full recording right here:

To make an Immediate Gift Payment towards the ministry expansion project,
please choose “Made For More Immediate Gift” as your giving designation.

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