Family Worship for Sunday, January 17

January Memory Verse:
“Everyone who heard him was amazed” Luke 2:37

This month is going to be Out of This World! We are teaching preschoolers that Jesus is amazing! And, we’re doing it by sharing stories about some of Jesus’ amazing miracles. This world, well this universe, is filled with amazing things, but nothing will ever be more amazing than the One who created it all. Jesus is amazing, and we want your preschooler to know it!

Read today’s Bible Story: Matthew 8:23-27

Story Video:

Family discussion and prayer:

Say: Our Bible story was about Jesus telling a storm to stop . . . AND IT DID! That’s totally amazing! Everyone who saw Jesus do this was amazed. That’s why we’re learning this Bible verse. It says . . .

“‘Everyone (arms out and around) who heard him (hands behind ears) was amazed,’ (hold hands like binoculars, open and shut) Luke 2:47.” (Open hands like a book.)

Say: Jesus can do amazing things because [Bottom Line] Jesus is amazing! Who is amazing?

All Together: Jesus is amazing!

Say: We all get scared sometimes. Even me! Strange dogs, a new babysitter, or bad storms, like the one Jesus’ friends were afraid of, can scare anyone. But guess what? We don’t have to be afraid because another amazing thing about Jesus is that He is always with us.

Ask: What is one thing you’re afraid of?

Say: Thank you for sharing that with me. Let’s talk to God about the things we are afraid of.

Pray: Dear God, thank You for sending Jesus to help us when we’re afraid. Help my child remember that Jesus is with them when they are afraid of [what child listed]. Help [child’s name] remember that Jesus is with . . . (continue with each child.) Jesus is amazing, because He has the power to do anything! You are the best, God, and we love You very much. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Something Fun to Do: Make a Rain Storm

What You Need: Sponge, clear plastic jar, shallow plastic bin, plastic spoons, water, and towels

Before the Activity: Place the plastic jar on the table and balance the sponge on top of it. Fill the plastic bin with water and place it on the table with the spoons and towels.

During the Activity: Encourage children to fill the sponge one spoonful of water at a time until the water flows through and it starts to rain.

After the Activity: Talk about how today’s story is about a big rainstorm.

What You Say Before the Activity: Come join me at the table. I have an experiment I want us to try.

During the Activity: Take a spoon and scoop up some water then pour it on the sponge. (Pause.) Let’s keep going to see if we can make it rain. (Pause.) Do you see any rain, yet? (Pause.) Let’s keep scooping. (Pause.) Look at the rain! That’s amazing! (Repeat as long as desired.)

After the Activity: Today in our Bible story, we’ll hear about Jesus and the disciples on a boat when it started to rain.

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