Family Worship for Sunday, May 31

May Memory Verse:
“Nothing at all can separate us from God’s love.” Romans 8:39

This month our Bible stories have taught us that God made us in His image, has a plan for us, and will never stop loving us…no matter what! Today’s focus is on the truth that God loves me, and I am special to Him!

Say: Everyone come get ready for church! I need your help! I have lost ten coins (show them an example) in this room (or in the house.) We need to find them before we can get started with church this morning! (Depending on the age of your kids, you could number small paper plates instead of hiding coins.)

After the activity Say: Great finding and counting! How many coins did we find? Yes, we found all ten! In our Bible story today, we’ll hear about a woman who had ten coins, but she lost one! Do you think she found it? Let’s go find out.”

Read Luke 15:8-10

Worship & Story Video:

Family discussion and prayer:

Say: Today, we heard a story about a woman who lost one of her coins. What did the woman do when she lost her coin? (She looked and looked and looked until she found it.)

Say: The coin must have been very special to her! Jesus told this story because He wants us to know that WE are special to God. God loves us and wants us to always be with Him. And nothing, NOTHING, can ever separate us from God’s love. Just like it says in the Bible verse we learned.

Say: Let’s say it one time together, then anyone who wants to say it can give it a try.

Say: “Nothing at all (shake head and wave your arms in front of you) can separate (lock your fingers together) us from God’s (point up with both hands) love (hug yourself). Romans 8:39.” (Open your hands like a book.)

Say: Our memory verse tells us that nothing can SEPARATE us from God’s love. Say: Let’s hold hands and not SEPARATE while we say our memory verse.

Say: God loves us so much, and He will never leave us! Who loves you? God loves me!”

Say: “Today, I want to write down things that are special about us. When I say your name, tell me one thing that you like about yourself, something you think is pretty special. Say: We already know we are special to God, simply because He made us and loves us. That is the most special thing about us! But we also have other things about us that are pretty special. Maybe it’s the way you sing or run or draw. Maybe you have a special freckle or laugh. We are all special!

Ask: What is something special about you? What is something special about your brother or sister (make sure this is an encouraging activity!)

Say: Wow! This is a special list of ways that God has made each one of us special to Him! Let’s pray and thank God for loving us so much and making us special. Would anyone like to pray before I pray?

PRAY: Dear God, sometimes we forget how special we are to You. Thank You for reminding us that we are special. Thank You for (name of child)’s special (what they listed.) And for (name of child)’s special (what they listed.) (Repeat with each child.) I hope we never forget that You made us and love us, and that makes us all pretty special! We love You, God. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Something to do: You will need “instruments”—it could be as easy as pots and pans to bang or plastic party horns—whatever you’ve got.

Ask: What did the woman do when she found her coin? (Pause.) She celebrated! Let’s have our own celebration parade. In just a moment, I will give you an instrument to play. When you receive your instrument, you must wait until I raise my arms like this (Raise arms like a conductor). Then, follow me as we march around the room. Let’s stay in line like a real marching parade. When I put my arms down like this, what do you think that means? (Pause.) Yes! It means to stop playing. Okay, here we go!”

When you are done say: Now that was a fun celebration parade! Why do you think the woman celebrated when she finally found her coin? (Pause.) Yes. She celebrated because it was so special to her. Are you special God? (Pause.) You are SO special to God, and He loves you very much.

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