Great Commission Collective National Conference

February 26-27 at Gospel City Church
As you know, Gospel City Church is a church-planting church. AND—we are a lead church in the Great Commission Collective. This year, the Collective is streaming their First Annual National Conference: PLANT!, and we will be producing the conference right here in Granger! The purpose of this conference is to catalyze church planting all over the world. God has blessed our church with resources and gifting and we want to steward that well by hosting this important event. Many staff and volunteers will be helping to produce the event right here on site so that many from around the world can join in virtually.

We want to you to come, too! While we’ll be producing the event in the worship center, we will be hosting anyone who’d like to join us in Cornerstone. Some pastors and staff will be available, and we’ll have some snacks and water available as well. To see a full list of speakers and details, you can visit the conference page HERE.

So you may be asking yourself, “who should come to this?” Here’s who we believe should consider joining us:
+ anyone who loves the idea of church planting
+ anyone that wants to increase their urgency for church planting
+ anyone that wants to know how to pray for the church in the current climate
+ anyone who has asked themselves “should I be doing something more for the Lord?”

WHERE: Gospel City Church, in Cornerstone
WHEN: Friday, February 26 from 6-9pm, and continues Saturday, February 27 from 1-4pm
COST: $54 each (however, you can save $15 with discount code: “collective”)