Young Adults Short-Term Mission Trip // New Orleans // May 22-28

The city of New Orleans is a patchwork of cultures, ethnicities, socio-economical class, and nuance. New Orleans is commonly called the most interesting city in the South yet it has a well known undercurrent of human trafficking, homelessness, sexual deviance and occult practice.

We are partnering with local church plants, GENSend, and MissionLAB to engage the city with it’s 72 distinct neighborhoods. Our ministry projects could include working to help the homeless population of New Orleans by doing “under the bridge” ministry which serves those who live in make shift shelters or tents under some of the many bridges. Several of the ministries work to help people out of the Sex and Human Trafficking industry that is unfortunately thriving in NOLA. Community beautification projects and various outreach evangelism as directed by church planters trying to reach those in their neighborhoods are also ways that students will serve the city of New Orleans.

This is an opportunity for us to live sent and experience ministry in a different way, a different city, and a different context. Join us as we go this May!

REGISTER BY MARCH 21. The cost is approximately $680. (If you would like to help contribute towards the cost of the trip for someone, click here)