Leader Training #3 | February, 2021

As part of our ongoing Leader Training, we’re bringing you this edition virtually. These 4 sessions are highly important for every leader in our church—whether you’re a small group leader, serve on a team, teach kids, mentor someone, etc.—as they are core doctrines that every believer should understand and be able to articulate.

In video #1, Pastor Tyler Downing helps us understand man’s fallen nature and the proper response to the Gospel in light of it. Video #2 is an equipping session, led Pastor Nathan Scroggins, designed to help you understand the person and works of Jesus Christ so that can impact our own soul, leading us to a greater depth of worship.

In video #3, Pastor Nathan takes a look at defining repentance, how to confess sins, and the commitment to four promises of forgiveness. Then in video #4, Andrea Griffith takes a look at the 4 types of dangerous idols of the heart, how to discern them and get rid of them.

Anthropology: What Is Man?

The Person + Works of Christ

Repentance + Forgiveness

Idols of the Heart

Leader Training #2 | November, 2020

As part of our ongoing Leader Training, we’re bringing you this edition virtually. These 3 sessions are highly important for every leader in our church, as they speak directly to the season we’re in. We know that these trainings will be highly valuable for you as leaders as we head into the winter months. The goal of these trainings is to equip you to care for everyone in your sphere of influence.

As you know, we’ve been leaning heavily into prayer as a church. Many of you have asked for a teaching on how you can replicate our Prayer Gatherings in your groups, in your homes and in your own personal lives. In video #1, Pastor Trent provides a quick and practical breakdown of how to pray the Bible with reverence, response, requests and readiness.

In video #2, Pastor Brent Thomas, Erin Harris, Pastor Tyler Downing, & Pastor Tyler Holder share some practical advice for discipleship in our current season. Learn how to Glorify, Gather, Grow, and Go . . . even when our circumstances keep changing. While this may seem geared specifically towards leading a small group, it is highly valuable and applicable to anyone in some sort of a group context, leader or participant.

In video #3, Pastor Nathan Scroggins shares on how to love one another well and CARE (Connect, Assess, Respond & Encourage) for each other, especially in the current season we’re in. The elders and pastors of our church really long for our members to be caring for members and disciples loving other disciples well. This session will equip you well to do just that!

Transformative Prayer

Practical Discipleship Tips

Leaders Learning to CARE

Leader Training #1 | August 23, 2020

To kick off the new ministry year, we pulled all of our leaders together in order to aim for clarity and alignment by all of us who lead someone at Gospel City. Some of you have been leaders for a long time and some of you are new. The purpose of this training is to ensure that we’re all on the same page and operating in the same way. 

If you missed this meeting, we strongly encourage every leader to watch this valuable training. If you have question, reach out to your ministry leader.

Outline from August 23, 2020

Below are the timestamps for each individual segment. Feel free to watch the training in its entirety, or you can watch the individual trainings on their own.

00:35 | INTRO with Pastor Trent, Pastor Micah & Pastor Wes | What’s ahead, we’ve learned, what’s new, what to expect for leader development this ministry year, why we’re a disciple-making church

23:38 | THE DISCIPLESHIP PATHWAY with Pastor Micah | What is the Gospel City “way” of disciple-making? (Video Only)

39:08 | HEALTHY DISCIPLESHIP with Pastor Trent | How to know you have healthy leaders, healthy groups, and healthy disciples (Video Only)

1:13:20 | GOD-GLORIFYING SMALL GROUPS with Pastor Tyler Downing | What’s tried & true, and new & different with our small group methodology (Video Only)

1:32:28 | WRAP UP with all of the Pastors and Directors | Looking forward to what’s ahead in the new year through the various discipleship ministries.