Gospel City Church — You are invited to a congregational meeting on January 13, 2020.

It is the desire of the leadership at Gospel City Church to create an environment for open conversation around the many internal facets of our church. Between the macro (Sunday gathering) and the micro (small groups) we have a lot to steward faithfully together. Sometimes, finding the space to communicate and celebrate all that is going on is a challenge. That is the purpose of this meeting. A few times a year, we love to “pull back the curtain” to transparently share about the direction and happenings at Gospel City Church. Your heart will rejoice at seeing and hearing about how God is continually at work in and through Gospel City Church. 

One of our greatest privileges and responsibilities is becoming aware and fully engaged in the Gospel-fueled activity in the life of our church. Our elders and leaders will be here, eager to share what God is doing through His church, and answer any questions you may have.