Singles Ministry

Mission Statement: Singles Ministry exists to connect singles to the church, to encourage the value of singleness and to intentionally serve the church. We aim to help singles plug into the Gospel City Church family, to reap the benefits of multi-generational community and to walk with others in different seasons of life.

Who is included in Singles Ministry? We seek to connect with those who find themselves between the college-aged and Generations of Faith (55+).

When do you meet? We recognize the desire to connect with other Singles, which is why we do a few events together throughout the year to build community, connect and encourage one another as we grow closer to Christ. (Any upcoming events will be listed below)

What is the vision for singles at Gospel City? The Singles Ministry Team has a vision to serve the church well. We intentionally connect singles with various ministry teams at Gospel City Church to serve—either during our weekend services, weekly outreaches and ministries, or the occasional service project.

How do I get connected? If you’d like to be kept in the loop, email to be placed on the Singles Ministry Email list.