Trent Griffith

Senior Pastor

(574) 273-0007

How I came into relationship with Jesus Christ I did not grow up in a Christian home however my family did occasionally attend church. When I got into the 7th grade I discovered a new motivation for going to church…pizza and trips to Six Flags with the youth group! Soon I was confronted with the message of the cross. I was wrecked by the thought of my sinfulness and Jesus’ sacrifice for me. I surrendered my life to Christ on August 28, 1982 on the last night of a city-wide evangelistic meeting in Lawton, Oklahoma. I’ve never been the same since and I made it my life’s purpose to get the same news that changed my life to others.

How I came to Gospel City Church God put in my path several new friends who were church planters. That made me curious. Pretty soon I couldn’t sleep at night thinking what if… Then I met Kent Shaw with Harvest Bible Fellowship who told me about a group of 13 people who were praying, and had been praying for a year, that God would send them a pastor to help them plant a new church in Granger. No wonder I couldn’t sleep!

What I do at Gospel City Church I have given my life to the clear, unapologetic preaching of God’s Word, the Bible. It is my privilege to dive into a section of God’s Word in preparation to feed God’s people each Sunday at Gospel City. I also lead an incredible team of people gifted in ways complementary to me.

Why I do what I do People are starving for the Word of God. The very thing they need for a life-changing encounter with God is what many modern churches seem so reluctant to give them. I wanted to build a church where God would be pleased to show his glory because we are intentional about doing the things he promises to bless. I need that kind of encounter every time I go to church. I want everyone, whether they have been to church all there lives, or are coming for the first time to know that God has not given up on His church!

Previous work Andrea and I spent 15 years on staff with Life Action Ministries. We traveled 10 months of each year ministering in local church revival conferences. As a result we have ministered in over 300 local churches in almost every state. We also currently serve as conference speakers for FamilyLife Weekend to Remember Marriage Getaways, approximately 4 weekends each year.


At Gospel City Church since July 2008

On staff since July 2008

Education 1991 Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary; Master of Arts, Religion & Education / 1989 Cameron University; B.A. in Technology

Favorite verse Acts 20:24

Married to
 Andrea Griffith since December 17, 1994

Children Brooke (married to David), Zac, Alli, Leah and Scott

What I Do For Fun Drive Andrea to the beach